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Re: [Shefa] Fwd: "Peoplehood"--Now on JTS's New Conservative Judaism Blog


I am curious as to what others think about this part:

"Unlike other modern Jewish streams, Conservative Judaism for much of its history did not regard itself as a "movement" in the normal sense of the word. It has not aimed to distinguish its adherents from other Jews on the basis of religious practice or belief so much as to safeguard—and creatively carry forward—the life of the Jewish people as a religious civilization."

It resonates with me.

However, it seems to me that some people sincerely believe that "not distinguishing ourselves from other Jews on the basis of religious practice" is the problem with present-day CJ; that we need to more specifically articulate what we stand for and practice what we preach.

Can we have it both ways?

- Marc

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Dear JTS Family,

"Peoplehood"—the third essay on the new JTS blog "Conservative Judaism: A Community Conversation"—has been posted. Join the discussion by sharing your thoughts on my essay and those of our respondents: Steven M. Cohen, Tamar Elad-Appelbaum, and Norm Kurtz .

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