Saturday, July 16, 2011

[Shefa] RE: The USCJ and the CA get it right


Greetings, Shefaniks,

Not sure how many out there are on the mailing list as supporters of the USCJ, but for those who are, you have probably received in the mail the latest compilation of recorded music from the CA and the USCJ.  It is a double CD and volume 10 in the Spirit series with all music in this pair of CDs relating to the musical message of Shalom in one way or another.

The production is amazing and clean, and the songs are really wonderful.   Weird to think that this all seems to have emerged to some extent from the process whereby the Cantorial school went under.  In a strange way, it seems to have energized the relationship between the CA and the USCJ at least as far as the production of this music series is concerned.  And, as a fundraising effort that raises the profile of both the CA and the USCJ in a highly positive way (in my opinion anyway), this project really can't be beat.

The music is really wonderful, but my favorite (I do have a bias, I will admit) is the 3rd song on the first CD which features Hazzan Jack Kessler and Atzilut.  The song is entitled "Live in Peace Together."  I am not going to give any further details away, but it is really a fine recording with a wonderful concept behind it.

Here is the website for the previous releases in the series:

A Gute Vach!!



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