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[Shefa] Fwd: E-Shiurim from the Conservative Yeshiva - Tisha B'Av and more



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Subj: E-Shiurim from the Conservative Yeshiva - Tisha B'Av and more
To CY friends and alumni, shalom rav:


For those who did not get a chance to view it, we want to remind you that the Conservative Yeshiva has a Tisha B'Av e-shiur available online at http://www.conservativeyeshiva.org/tisha-bav-causes-of-destruction-seeds-of-hope.  Feel free to use it yourselves, in chevruta or for any learning forum.


On this page, you can also access all the published e-shiurim from the Conservative Yeshiva.  We look forward to providing more in the coming year.


We thank the Temple Zion Israelite Center, Miami, Florida, for the generous grant that makes these e-shiurim possible. 


With best wishes from all at the Conservative Yeshiva, for an easy fast and hopes for besorot nechama (comforting news) for all Am Yisrael.


Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb, Director

Conservative Yeshiva of United Synagogue

8 Agron Street, PO Box 7456

Jerusalem, 94265, Israel




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