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Dear friends,

How does tzedakah differ from philanthropy? Is it long-term vs short-term? Individual vs societal? Urgent human needs vs a broad array of concerns?

This issue of Sh'ma focuses a sharp lens on distinguishing these two concepts. Larry Moses outlines the ways in which tzedakah is an obligation rooted in a basic tenet of doing justice and addressing the needs of the poor. Don Abramson, Lucy Bernholz, Rachel Levenson and Charlene Seidle respond to his essay and explore whether philanthropic giving should be seen as broader and mo re discretionary. Daniel Nevins suggests that we, as Jews, ought to embrace a certain "standard of giving" — similar to that of biblical tithing.

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The Roundtable explores the explosion over the last decades of innovative programs and services that have drawn new funders into the practice of serious Jewish giving. Seth Cohen asks Yoni Gordis, Will Schneider, and Jessica Liebowitz about how philanthropists might balance the tension between looking for something new and shiny in which to invest their philanthropic passions and acknowledging that this very activity is deeply rooted in our history as Jews. A conversation between Toby Rubin and W illiam Foster examines how sustainable and scalable projects in the innovation sector are. Shawn Landres looks at a new philanthropic paradigm that may be essential to our current economic climate; Naom Zion and Amy Rabino each guide donors to understand their role as philanthropists.

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Some highlights from this month's S. Blog include:

  • Jake Goodman talks about Philanthropy, Privilege, and the Occupy Wall Street protests
  • Rachel Petroff Kessler asks our readers to help come up with steps for a viable Tzedakkah plan
  • Caryn Aviv questions the effectiveness of having a non-profit for every Jewish idea
  • Artist Andi Arnovitz shares her "Ba'alei Tzedakah" (Giver of Charity) creation
  • Matt Bar of Bible Raps shares his Tzedakkah rap

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Shana tova v'g'mar hatima tova, Susan Berrin Editor

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