Thursday, October 6, 2011

[Shefa] Is Yom Kippur a 'really fun day'?


A true story from Israel... A Different Reality

Yesterday morning this very sweet little girl around 9 years old, with light brown hair and freckles and 
earnest eyes came up to me and asked:
      "In America do they celebrate Yom Kippur the way we do? Is it a really fun day?"

"Well, I said, the Jews in America certainly observe Yom Kippur. They fast and go to shul
   But I wouldn't call it a really fun day."

"No, I mean is it like here? Is it a fun day?" she asked, smiling in anticipation.

"Do you mean, do they go to synagogue and pray and fast?" I said.

She looked at me uncomprehendingly.
      "No, it's a fun day! You, know; We ride our bicycles and have a lot of fun."

"Oh", I said. "No. It's not that way. Even though there are a lot of Jews in America, there are many more people of other religions and they don't celebrate Yom Kippur. The roads and highways are not closed."

She was disappointed....

No comment needed...

G'mar Chatimah Tovah
Ilana Rosansky

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