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RE: [Shefa] Mi'Sheberach on Shabbat??


If you look carefully at the wording of the final three brachot of the Amidah – which are the same in every Amidah regardless of day or time – they are petitions – receive our prayer, give us peace, continue to provide for us as you have done in the past and did for our ancestors. They are couched in terms of “hodu” thanks – but they are thanking for past acts and requesting that those acts continue to be performed for us.  Sim Shalom, birkhat Cohanim,  r’tzei – all requests.  To say that there are no petitions in the Shabbat liturgy unless you add a mi’sheberach is to not really know what it is you are saying (which I assume is not the case here) or to only count specifically personal ones. Which, by adding “all the ill of Israel”, the mi’sheberach becomes not personal but communal.


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Joe Rosenstein in his Siddur Eit Ratzon rewrites the Shabbos Musof Amidah to add petitions. His reasoning is that a large number of Jews (possibly some who are Conservative) daven in a minyan, mainly on Shabbos. Therefore they need the opportunity for petitionary prayer in a minyan. I think this logic works, but without changing our normal minhagim, very well for Mishererachim on Shabbos.


Eit Ratzon in an interesting siddur worth checking out for those who want a different view of Jewish prayer.


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