Friday, June 24, 2011

Re: [Shefa] USCJ Is Heading In The Wrong Direction


Though I appreciate the Torah tie-in, I will resist the urge to challenge your assumption of rebellion on the grounds that USCJ is not the voice of spiritual authority in CJ. Instead, I will offer the following brief answer: Rather than tying dues reductions to early payment, tie them to whether a congregation/kehillah is engaging it's leaders and members in discussing the underlying spiritual issues of CJ, as Fred Passman has so well said in prior discussions, "Why Torah?" Look at whether they are developing a community that both articulates and applies our unique CJ approaches to Torah, halachah and Jewish life in the community as well as assists individuals - young and not-so-young - in grappling with how to apply them in their personal lives (See: Hadar's Popular Egalitarian Yeshiva Grapples With Sex Before Marriage  for a good example in indie Mechon Hadar's approach) making CJ both communally and personally relevant, meaningful and satisfying. 
I could say more, but have much to get done before Shabbat.

Sorry but I hear hints of a Korach rebellion. What is the alternative?

Shabbat shalom

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