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Re: [Shefa] USCJ Is Heading In The Wrong Direction


With all due respect, it is not CJs "deviation" from Orthodoxy, but rather it's deviation from articulating and upholding CJ's own understanding of Torah and halachah that have led to it's decline.
Bottom line: When our institutions choose to water down the power of *our own* intensity of belief, ritual and practice they fail those of us who choose to live a distinctly Conservative Judaism that is full of meaningful (and intense) ritual and practice encompassing the full spectrum of our lives. They also fail to provide those outside with a reason to come in and join us, despite the fact that CJ's theology and practices do provide compelling reasons.
As a footnote I will add, I know several non-practicing Jews today who grew up in the high intensity rituals of Orthodoxy but were also not given a meaningful reason to continue. Orthodoxy is not immune. 
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You are 100% correct in your apprehension and dismay.In short, the situation is hopeless and will not be remedied. Judaism is a high intensity ritual religion and any attempt at modifying it will just further enhance the deterioration and decay.
Bottom line : why the empty pews on the average Shabbat in the average CJ shul and the packed capacity in ortho shuls? Are the average CJ rabbis as proactive as ortho rabbis ?
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